Pasar Percuma: Pre-loved items for FREE!

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Pasar Percuma is a market of FREE things!

FREE CLOTHING, books, food, movies, music, games, skills, conversations 🙂

If you have things to give away for free, bring it. If you have nothing to bring, don’t worry, come anyway & you may find something interesting to take home, for free! Tapi jangan tamak ye 😉

PARTICIPATE on Sunday, 10th May, 4pm – 6pm, at Dataran Medan Pasar (located behind Central Market, KL)


What you bring is still yours until someone takes it. If no one takes it, please bring it home until the next Pasar Percuma.

Bawa tikar sendiri and spread the word!


Pasar Percuma is a free event to share resources with the community. For updates on upcoming Pasar Percuma events, please join this group:



Q: Can I just drop off my stuff there?
A: No you cannot. Please do not drop off your things and leave! This is not a donation drive. Please stay with your things. If you need to leave, bring your things with you if no one takes them.

Q: Do you provide tables, chairs, mats, canopy?
A: No we don’t. We don’t provide anything. Everything is done on the ground so bring your own mat if you think you need one. Avoid tables & chairs as we may need to move to another location in case it rains. Please make sure you & your items are mobile.

Q: What can I bring?
A: Anything. It can be items, skills or services. As long as you want to share it for free.

Q: Who can join/come to this pasar?
A: Anyone. It’s a free & public event. Invite your family & friends!

Q: I don’t have anything to offer… can I take something anyway?
A: Yes! This isn’t bartering. You can come empty handed and still take anything that’s being offered for free.

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