Place-Making in Urban Regeneration

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Date: Saturday, November 30, 2013
Time: 2.30pm – 4.00pm (entry from 2.00pm)
Venue: Glass Lantern Lobby, Menara Bata, PJ Trade Centre


This will be the fourth and final installment of #BetterCities Talks for 2013! November 30 will also mark the 2nd year anniversary of our talk series (we started from humble beginnings and a partnership with the British Council Malaysia at Pecha Kucha Vol. 13 on the theme, “Exploring New Possibilities for Our City”). Please join us for an afternoon of sharing and networking.

Our city is transforming before our eyes, deprived areas are given a new breath of life which changes its original context but in some cases provides opportunity for community and economic growth. In this talk #BetterCities will look at the role of place-making in the evolving urban landscape. Is it possible for the process of urban regeneration to not only take the past into consideration but also how it can interact with future communities?

The talk will be hosted and moderated by Yasmin Lane, who is currently the Research Lead at #BetterCities. #BetterCities has invited speakers to share insights on the topic from a commercial, policy and heritage perspective.

1. Suraya Ismail, Grants Programme Director (Monitoring)

2. Lim Take Bane, Conservation Architect/Member of Badan Warisan

3. Jenifer Kuah, Entrepreneur, part of Asianage Holdings (owners of Food Foundry, Butter & Beans and the new Feeka on Jalan Mesui)

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