#PowerShiftMsia: Volunteers Briefing – 11th Nov

We are hosting 3 Volunteers Briefing Sessions and do hope that you can come to either one of them (come all 3 if you love us that much).

First off, thank you for helping out to make #PowerShiftMsia a success. Some of you may have some idea of what this is, while most of you heard this for the first time. We decided that is it only fair if you would be properly briefed on your big picture, understand the expected outcome, your contribution in this and how to be awesome throughout the process.

Briefing Session

Venue: Pusat Rakyat LB, Bangsar.

  • Thursday, 7th Nov, 8-10pm
  • Saturday, 9th Nov, 2.30-4.30pm
  • Monday, 11th Nov, 8-10pm

Contact us if you are unable to come to at least one.

RSVP here

Tak tahu di mana PusatRakyatLB – macamana ni? (Peta ada di sini)

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