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On 10th – 15th December, we are bringing together 200 Malaysian youths, joined by experienced speakers from Malaysia’s UNFCCC climate change negotiator, NGO and community leaders. We aim to empower participants with variety of workshops like Digital Campaigning, Policy & Governance, Understanding Media and Active Activism.
If you are 18-30 years of age, have prior experience in environmental organizing and keen to build a strong Malaysian Climate Movement, we want you!


We aim to empower participants with variety of workshops like :

  • Digital Campaigning – being the most efficient channel in reaching out to Malaysian audiences, spreading climate change and environment awareness on the internet is vital, tips and tricks in using social media tools, how to effectively tell you story on youtube, facebook, twitter and many more.
  • Policy & Governance – understanding the policy is crucial in affecting change in the system, connecting the policies on the United Nations level to the local government implementations, what are the difficulties and how can we leverage and apply influence on the system.
  • Understanding Media – mainstream media can be both allies and enemy in environmental campaigns, more often allies, learn what kind of stories do the media wants, what publications do the readers want to read, how to draft a press release
  • Creative Activism  – taking meaningful action is not restricted only taking it to the streets, there are many non-violence direct action in the book, and many are shockingly creative and effective, join us to learn more
  • Idola Demokrasi – participants first learn how to define the problem. Is the problem really the problem? Or is the so-called problem actually a symptom of an underlying issue? Get to the root! Defining the problem requires interaction, discussion and debate.
  • Theory of Change – our aim to shift our wasteful fossil-fuel focused society to efficient renewable centric is easier when we can identify the sector of the society behaviors, once we understand this, we can cater our strategies effectively
  • Storytelling – getting personal with our personal naratives and campaign stories, and how to craft a campaign story that will move mountains


Plenary Speakers
We are featuring local environmental heroes who will be sharing their knowledge and experience, recognising their work and hoping to provide inspiration to all our participants.

  • Dr Gary Theserai (NRE)
  • Mr Lee Lih Syen (MBPJ)(tentative)
  • Aunty Bersih (Anne)
  • Zain HD (Wago)
  • Wilson Ang (UNFCCC Youth Focal Point)
  • Theva Rajan (SUARAM)
  • Adrian Yeo (community organiser)
  • or nominate your speakers here

10th – 15th December 2013

RM200 per person ONLY!!! The  fee will cover the meals and accommodation.
Travel expense from home to meeting point will be borne by participants.
Scholarships will be made available soon.

All participants will stay at a dormitory style camp. Participants will check in from morning to afternoon on Tuesday, 10th December. Participants are required to check out on Sunday morning, 15th December, after the program has finished.

Meals will be served 3 times per day while water is available throughout the day. Please inform us your dietary requirement (halal/vegetarian/ allergy etc.) during your application and interview.

Applying as participant
a. Application form, click here http://world.350.org/malaysia/i-want-to-participate/application-form/

b. Interview
Applicants will be interviewed through Skype or phone after 15th November. Email will be sent for applicants to choose the date and time.

c. Letter of invitation
Successful applicants will be informed through the letter of invitation. Non-successful applicants will be put on the waiting list.

d. Payment
Successful applicants will have to complete the payment within 5 days.

The participation will be confirmed once the payment is made. The participants will keep in contact with Participant Manager to arrange the transportation and other important

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