Public Forum: Engaging Malaysia on Nuclear Energy

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Background & Objectives

Nuclear energy is an issue of high public interest in Malaysia and all over the world. With a wide spectrum of views on the issue among the public, the Malaysia Nuclear Power Corporation (MNPC) is taking the initiative to organise a series of public fora to engage Malaysia on nuclear energy.

As a background, MNPC was incorporated on 7 January 2011 as a company limited by guarantee, without share capital, under the Companies Act (1965). MNPC is entrusted with the responsibility of planning, spearheading and coordinating the implementation of a nuclear energy development programme for Malaysia and to take the necessary actions to realise the development of the first nuclear power plant in Malaysia.

The objectives of the series of public fora are to inform the public that MNPC is open and transparent and keen to provide information. It is also to honour the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, YB Dato’ Mah Siew Keong’s statement that MNPC is the lead organisation on nuclear energy development in Malaysia and is the “face” for nuclear energy communications.


10:00 am Welcome & Introduction of the Panellists by Forum Moderator, Dr. Mohd. Zamzam Jaafar, Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia Nuclear Power Corporation (MNPC)
10:10 am Briefing on MNPC and Nuclear Energy Studies
by Mr. Jamal Khaer Ibrahim
10:25 am Remarks by Prof. Ir. G. Lalchand
10:40 am Remarks by Ir. Dr. Philip Tan
10:55 am Remarks by Dato’ Dr. Ronald McCoy
11:10 am Remarks by Mr. Gurmit Singh
11:25 am Q & A Discussion session
12:25 pm Summary Remarks by Panellists on Key Issues
12:55 pm Closing Remarks by Forum Moderator
1:00 pm Adjournment of Public Forum

Flyer Public Forum on Nuclear Energy

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