Public Forum: “What is happening to Organic Farming in Malaysia?”

The Public Forum on Organic Farming which is being organised by CETDEM and supported by Sin Chew Media Corp. This forum is a follow-up to the Organic Agriculture Seminar which was organised in July 2012. Not much has happened since the 2012 Seminar, and Consumers are still asking the same questions regarding authenticity of products and justification for a premium being paid for organic products. Other related issues include land available to potential organic farmers and land ownership, the role of the Government and its agencies (Ministry of AgricultureDepartment of AgricultureMARDI).

In this forum, we also hope to address the pertinent issues of foreign investment and joint venture potential as solutions to reduce the high cost of imported organic products / produce and ‘food-miles’.

The forum will be in English with Mandarin summary.

The forum specially caters for ALL people who are concerned about present and future of the organic farming in Malaysia. This is the opportunity for your voice to be heard and support CETDEMs efforts in addressing Organic Farming issues all these years.

Download (PDF, 120KB)

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