Pulau Sibu Nature Excursion with MareCet

We’re so excited to finally launched our first dates for a Nature Excursion to Pulau Sibu, Johor on 28 Apr – 1 May 2018!

The island is located off the east coast of Johor, an hour south of Mersing Town, and it is the area where we have been conducting our dugong research and conservation work since 2014. And now, we want to share its beauty with you in a fun, engaging and educational manner!

The island is remote and still relatively undeveloped, hence a lot of its original beauty is still preserved. It is the only place in Peninsular Malaysia where dugongs are reliably found, therefore we deem the area as a last stronghold for these gentle sea cows and is currently under consideration to be gazetted as a Dugong Sanctuary. It is also one of the last few islands in Peninsular Malaysia where traditional kampungs and kampung living still exists. For this excursion, we will engage the local islanders in their services, providing them with a livelihood income and also tapping into their local ecological and cultural knowledge of the area. We will also tap into our scientific knowledge based on the research we’ve been conducting in the area. A teaser video of the trip can be viewed here.

Kindly contact us at outreach.marecet@gmail.com or call us at 011-15776802 for any further enquiries. We hope you’ll consider joining us on this excursion and/or help us publicize this excursion to your contacts.

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