Raptor Watch 2015

Raptor Watch is back for the 16th year and we are bringing you closer to the raptors! Yup, this year, Raptor Watch will be celebrated at the Tanjung Tuan Forest Reserve. Open to the public ONLY on Raptor Watch day, you can enter the lighthouse and observe how our raptor counters do their counting and if you are really lucky, you can view the raptors flying by in their hundreds too.

Raptor Watch was created as an ecotourism event to raise awareness on the importance of the Tanjung Tuan Forest Reserve. So, what is so important about this forest? Here are 2 reasons:

  1. The only remaining coastal virgin forest in the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia which is home to many precious types of flora and fauna
  2. Migratory raptors need this forest as a resting ground during their migratory journey back to their home in the northern hemisphere

We also celebrate Raptor Watch as a festival to learn about the return of the migratory birds of prey  on their journey back to their breeding grounds in the northern hemisphere.

This year, as we celebrate MNS’ 75th Anniversary, we will be celebrating Raptor Watch in Tanjung Tuan Forest Reserve. As you walk up the road leading to the lighthouse, learn more about the migration and the forest with interactive activities and fun facts which can be found along the way. And, when you pit stop to catch your breath just like the raptors who make the forest their resting ground, take pictures and selfies with the beautiful forest surroundings and share those lovely shots in your social platforms. Don’t forget to tag MNS 🙂

And it is not a nature day out without a walk in a real forest trail! So, don’t forget to book our nature guides and grab your cameras and binoculars and head into the forest trails for a meaningful learning experience in the forest.

If you are afraid that the trail will be too challenging for your kids, don’t worry! There is an easier trail which the kids can check out with our nature guides. So bring your kids along for a fun day too 😀

For more detailed information, please log on to http://www.mnsraptorwatch.wordpress.com.

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