Re-CYCLE . Give CYCLE 2018

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Re-CYCLE, Give CYCLE is a project to collect, repair and restore used bicycles, and give these bicycles to children and adults surviving cancer.

Giving the restored bicycles to cancer survivors, any of whom do not have the means to afford similar or better modes of transports, would bring about meaningful difference to their lives.

You can be a part of this meaningful CYCLE by:
1. Donating your BICYCLE
2. Donating your TIME by fixing the bicycle
3. Donating MONEY to purchase tools and bicycle parts

The Re-CYCLE, Give CYCLE project also calls for volunteers’ involvement in repairing and restoring unused/donated bicycles. The BASIKAL & PEDAL MALAYA, our friendly partner in this project, will conduct a supervised workshop to teach volunteers how to restore, repair and even build bicycles.

The volunteers’ hands-on approach to bike restoration and repair is a key component of this project to foster a greater sense of ownership to the cause. It also adds greater meaning and value to the time, effort, energy and commitment volunteers put in to help provide affordable transportation to those in need.

“Donate-Fix-Give” So bring your bicycles that are no longer in use, help us spruce them up and put them to good use. Your commitment would help affect meaningful change to the lives of cancer survivors.

Note: Re-Cycle, Give Cycle is NOT a dumpsite for bicycles, therefore we only accept bicycles which are in relatively restorable condition.

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