Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Workshop


Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Workshop is coming to Bandar Utama.

This will be a great opportunity to know how’s your electricity bill come about and perform your own ENERGY AUDIT! Simple action makes a big difference. Join US to know your energy consumption.
Save $, Save Energy & most importantly SAVE our degrading ENVIRONMENT!

Why is it important?
The energy we use today comes mainly from non-renewable sources such as coal, oil, natural gas and uranium, all of which are finite resources and will be depleted. Additionally, the use of these types of fuel are damaging to our health and to the environment.
Renewable energy on the other hand has the potential to produce clean energy for our use, for all time for everyone.
For further information, register now and remember to bring along your 3 MONTHS Electricity Bills.

For registration , kindly visit

Registration is FREE and on “first come, first serve basis”.


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