Save Bukit Kiara Walk 4

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Meet at WIM (near pondok to KLGCC road) 7am, 8am start walk or ride to 2K pondok.

The Office is good as gone. The fence is in place. The greedy are eyeing our beloved treasure/playground/sanctuary. We have been quiet for a while. Time to make some noise.

Does ANY of the following apply to you?

1. You love cycling
2. You love mountain biking
3. You love running
4. You love trail running
5. You love hiking
6. You love nature
7. You love animals
8. You love trees
9. You love the outdoors
10. You enjoy going to Bukit Kiara
11. You ride at Bukit Kiara
12. You have never been to any trail days
13. You want a better Malaysia

Yes? Time to give back. Just a little.

* photo by Vincent Lim

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