Save Our Rainforest Race ( SORR 2015 )

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Join us as we once again organize our “Save Our Rainforest Race” for the year 2015!

PEKA Malaysia’s annual “Save Our Rainforest Race” is back! And this time, we are going to hike through a forest in Perak.

Register now and participate on this coming 28th March 2015 at Hutan Lipur, Kuala Woh, Tapah, Perak.

A symbol to race against time, this 10km hike through nature is aimed at replanting trees and creating awareness on the importance of conserving our rainforest. Take part in our cause and be part of a 2 person team race for just RM 80 per person (RM 160 per team). Fee includes breakfast, lunch, T-shirt, race-kit and a tree for each team.

Register now! Seats are limited, registration closes on 20th March 2015!

Please register as per online registration form below, or if you would like to download the copy of the form, please click here.

To see what is the race all about, check out what happened for SORR 2013 and 2014 here.

See Nature, See Life

and See You There!


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Program Details

• 7.00am – Registration & Refreshment / T-shirt

• 8.00am – Doa Recital, Race Briefing, Safety Briefing, Aerobics / Warm Up

• 9.00am – #SORR2015 FLAG OFF

• 1.00pm – FINISH LINE, Lunch

• 2.30pm – End


*SORR 2015 is only open to ages of 16 and above
*Participants between ages of 16-18 years old must be accompanied / paired with a guardian (aged 21 years and above).

*Strictly no children are allowed to join this race. Please do not bring children and leave them unattended throughout the event.

* Pregnant women are NOT allowed to join the race and people with health problems are advised NOT to join (heart problem, slipped disc, asthma, etc)

*Please be reminded that this is a hiking event.  So please wear hiking shoes and appropriate attire for the hiking activity.

*The race route includes tar road, suspended bridge (limited to 15 pax at one time), uphill hike in the forest (jungle trekking) and tree planting area.

*Toilets and changing rooms will be at briefing point area only. Please feel free to go nature but please be discreet and mind your surroundings

*Water booths will be available along the routes. Please mind your manners and queue.

*  Marshalls and volunteers will be stationed at every check points. Kindly adhere to their instructions

* Do not leave your valuables unattended. We will not be responsible for any losses or damages of valuable items. Please do not leave valuables in your parked vehicle. All belongings are at your own responsibility and risk.

* Explore & Appreciate Nature’s Best. Do not pluck any leaves, plants,rocks or take anything home.

* Rubbish bags will be provided at every check points. Strictly NO LITTERING!

* Do some stretching to avoid any cramps and muscle pull.
* Do build up stamina prior to the race; the race route includes uphill hike in the forest and require at least basic hiking experience.

* Do not run! This event is a Peaceful Hike Through Nature. Please adhere for safety reasons.
* Do not scream or shout while completing the race.
* Do not push one another while completing the race.
* Do not litter! There will be rubbish bags throughout the route.

Click here to register

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