Shah Alam Trees for Life – April 2015

If you have been looking for a chance to be a tree hugger but you are not sure when and where, here’s the trailer of Shah Alam Trees for Life 2015, the April editionEco Warriors Malaysia andShah Alam City Council have been working together organizing tree planting events around Shah Alam area once a month since 2010 as one of the community programs by the city council. With the theme ‘A Corporate Social Responsibility’, corporations and the public are encouraged to be part of the simple yet meaningful environmental movement by planting tree-lings at various parks in Shah Alam. Over the years, improvement has been made that fruit trees are planted as well so that we get double benefits as the trees grow (if you get what I mean, hehe)! 

Date: 25th April 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 7.30am (registration)
Location: Persiaran Kuala Selangor, Section 26 (13 minutes drive from Shah Alam KTM station)

Basically you don’t have to worry much for volunteering in Shah Alam Trees for Life.

  • Food? Breakfast and lunch are provided!
  • Drinking water? Yeah it is important to keep yourself hydrated when working under the sun! Just remember to bring your own water tumble to reduce plastic usage!
  • Gardening tools? Everything needed for planting a tree is prepared that you don’t have to carry all the heavy stuffs from home! However it is advisable to bring your own gardening gloves to protect your hands and wear sturdy shoes!
  • Transportation? Well you are always encouraged to carpool with friends and family and make this event a great family outing! You can also ask for carpool with fellow tree huggers by posting on the event page. If you drive or ride to the event, please do offer others a ride!
  • Registration? It is totally ok if you suddenly feel the urge to plant a tree that morning and just come over to the site! If you are coming in a group of dedicated people, please do email Mdm. Baity at or Bernard Eng at Please be at the tree planting site by 8am because registration will be closed after that.
  • Certificate? Yes you can get a certificate if you have attended at least three Shah Alam Trees for Life event! It is like collecting points!

Before the hands-on tree planting starts, there will be two speeches given by Dr. Jean on the topic “Local Tree Species” and by Datin Rossiti on the topic “The Importances of Trees to Humans and Animals”. And of course Bernard, one of the key persons in Eco Warriors will teach us on how to plant a tree before the activity begins. So don’t hesitate to take part even if you have not handled a tree baby before *wink*.

This is Bernard who has been contributing in these tree planting events! He will be demonstrating how to plant a tree next next Saturday morning!

P/S: This post was taken from Confessions of An Environmental Student.

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