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SPB Recycling Day

SPB Recycling Day

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SPB Recycling Day

What will you do during the upcoming school holiday?

Look forward to spending quality time with your family? Want to educate your children about recycling and charity? Have unused items at home and not sure what to do with them? Why not join us and win some ipads and tickets to Legoland on SPB Recycling Day!

Other fun activities on SPB Recycling Day:
– Live Monopoly
– Charity donation of reusable items
– SPB Xchange of reusable items
– Food truck with Melaka delicacies
– Family portraits competition
– Lucky draw
——————————————————————————————-Recycled Product Design Competition

This competition is open to all ages – individuals and groups (maximum 3 team members in each group) are both welcomed!

How to participate:
1. “Like” SPB Facebook page
2. Register by 19 February 2017 at
3. Create your product/artwork with reusable material, theme: “Building Dreams”
4. Complete your product/artwork by 5 March 2017
5. Drop us an email at with:
– 2 Pictures from different angles of your final product/ artwork
– Full name and IC number of all participating team member
– Write up of less than 200 words to describe the idea of your product/artwork
– List down all recycled material used

Shortlisted participants will be notified on 8 March 2017 through on our Facebook page and stand a chance to win Legoland tickets!

After shortlisted on 8 March, how to win:
1. Get your friends to “Like” your product photo by 19 March on
SPB Facebook page (win an iPad with most “Likes”)
2. Present your product at Eco Kasa Height on 19 March SPB Recycling Day (win Legoland tickets with most votes)
3. Participant with highest total votes and likes will be announced on 19 March itself, and win Legoland package!

Terms and Conditions:
1. All product/artwork submitted should be made only using recycled material
2 All product/artwork is portable & transferable to Melaka at participant’s own expense
3 All shortlisted participants (all team members) must attend SPB Recycling Day with product/artwork on 19 March

You may contact 06-2810003 for any enquiry.
Event location map:

Event link:

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