“Sustainable Development For Better Living” 2nd Ecological Conservation Conference Taiping, Matang, Kuala Sepetang

Kuala Sepetang, Taping is a century-old fishing harbour with a rich heritage. Over the years it has transformed into a flourishing fishing village. Even though it has passed its prime, it is endowed with a unique geographical environment. Not only does it have the largest mangrove ecosystem in West Malaysia, it also abounds in seafood, traditional charcoal kilns which are becoming rare these days, and it is a historical site of the first railway in Malaysia.

Since the past three years, Kuala Sepetang has become a popular ecotourism destination in Malaysia.  Our first symposium three years ago, discussed about ways to engage the local residents in developing Kuala Sepetang into a vibrant fishing village. To drive ecotourism of Kuala Sepetang, tourism business owners and local residents have now adopted mutual collaborations to offer one-stop packages for tourists. Homestays, seafood restaurants, boat cruises and tour guide services are essentially interconnected. Therefore, the establishment of a healthy joint management concept will have a positive impact on ecotourism.

Maintaining balance between development and conservation has also been our pursuit all this while. Thus, in addition to exploring natural ecology, local characteristics, arts and humanities, history and culture as well as community development, this time we have incorporated a larger theme in our conference i.e. “Sustainable Development for Better Living”.

In this conference, we are going to look into ways to make public space and community planning to reflect better living in Taiping, Matang and Kuala Sepetang. A better living environment has two prerequisites: Firstly, man and nature are inseparable; secondly, man needs his private space in his daily life and routine. A beautiful public space not only blends well with nature but also enables interactions with the environment.

Taiping, Matang and Kuala Sepetang offer natural beauty like Taiping Lake Garden, mangrove forest, migratory bird habitats, historical sites and charcoal kilns, and Kuala Sepetang is also known for its cockle production. As such, has living quality such as hygiene and cleanliness, community planning and community art space been considered and integrated into making life beautiful in these places?

This conference goes beyond the framework of sustainable development for ecotourism. It looks deeper into embedding autonomy in envisioning a sustainable future as well as formulating strategies to conserve and develop the heritage and resources of Taiping, Matang and Kuala Sepetang.

Aim of Conference

  • To bring together researchers, environmentalists, tourism operators, bloggers, artists, NGOs, etc., to share their experiences and knowledge of sustainable living and development, and conservation of ecosystems.


  1. To protect the natural ecology of Taiping, Matang and Kuala Sepetang
  2. To raise the awareness of local residents about the development of local tourism, aesthetic living and sustainable development
  3. To consolidate the power of the community, arouse their consciousness and action in the conservation of cultural heritage.
  4. To gather ideas from the public on how to value-add to the local economy.
  • Organised by: “Look Port Weld” Kuala Sepetang Community Art Carnival

  •  Co-organised: Spritzer Eco Park   and JCI  Taiping

  • Date: 20 May 2017 (Saturday)

  • Time: 8.30 am to 6.30 pm

  • Venue: Spritzer EcoPark, Lot 898, Jalan Reservoir, off Jalan Air Kuning, 34000 Taiping, Perak Darul Ridzuan.

Language: The official language of the conference is Mandarin (English translation will be provided)

Registration Fee: RM88 per person, which covers coffee breaks, lunch and seminar materials, A Guide to the Mangroves of Kuala Sepetang, Kuala Sangga and Matang handbook.

Who Should Attend

Researchers, academician, students, policymakers, NGO members, environmentalists, nature lovers, artists, travel agents or operators, and individuals and public who love nature.

More details and registration : https://www.facebook.com/events/1385786324817928/

Event website: https://lookportweld.wordpress.com/2017/03/16/sustainable-development-for-better-living-2nd-ecological-conservation-conference-taiping-matang-kuala-sepetang/

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