Sustainable Development Goals Business Summit 2017

Sustainable Development Goals Business Summit 2017

MICCI is pleased to invite Members to attend the above Summit co-organised by the Securities Industry Development Corporation, The Global Compact Network Malaysia and the United Nations Malaysia.

This one-day Summit welcomes over 300 leaders from business, government, academics and civil society to exchange ideas and dialogue. Participants will be introduced to global trends about and around Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) such as the Circular Economy and Sharing Economy, and what these may mean to business.

The Summit will also explore best practices, innovations and ideas on climate change, sustainable investment, sustainable reporting, stakeholder engagement, human capital, environmental stewardship and governance.

Participation is complimentary but registration is compulsory.
Kindly RSVP by completing the online registration form by Monday, 22 May 2017.

More information on the Summit can be accessed through this link:

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