Taiping Raptor Festival

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Venue: Taiping Sentral Mall & Scott’s Hill, Taiping, Perak

For more information
Email: mpbg88@gmail.com
Lim Kim Chye – 016-5538431
Ng Kit Wan – 019-5439647 (after 5pm)

About the festival
During the autumn months beginning from late September, thousands of raptors (or birds-of-prey) can be seen migrating over Taiping, enroute to the Indonesian archipelago where they will spend the winter months. These are the same flocks that have flown from far eastern Asia to Indochina and down the Thai-Malay peninsula to arrive over our skies. Raptor migration has been monitored in Taiping since 2000, with seasonal counts reaching 60,000 raptors of at least 10 species.

Few of the Taiping residents and local authorities are aware that this spectacular show is being played out over the town every year. To raise awareness of this wonder of nature, MNS Perak Branch Bird Group will be organizing the 3rd Edition of Taiping Raptor Festival 2013 at Scott’s Hill, Taiping. It is hoped that the resulting publicity will also lead to protection of Scott’s Hill as well as promote awareness that Taiping and Malaysia in general has been the migratory highway for these raptors since time immemorial.

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