Talk on CORAL REEFS @ Friends of MareCet Lecture Series


Coral reefs are almost always associated with clear, blue tropical waters in exotic destinations. Darwin, the great forefather of science himself had discovered the wonders of the reef, and in modern times, coral reefs remain as favoured playing grounds for many. Corals are very fragile organisms but as a reef it can be a resilient ecosystem. The colours and diversity of organisms make good photography subjects and the reefs’ breathtaking seascapes create endless inspiration for that great shot. Whilst reefs are the most photographed marine ecosystem on Earth, there is still much to be discovered about their ecology. In the second instalment of the Friends of MareCet lecture series, we bring you an exciting talk about the A-Z of a coral reef and its quirky and cool inhabitants. However, human beings’ love for coral reefs and climate change also means that many reefs around the world are in a bad shape. The talk will also present the bad stats about the state of our reefs, along with startling information you might have never known on how our actions are damaging these beautiful natural treasures. So, come join in to listen to CORAL REEFS AND US: THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY. In learning, we enable ourselves to better care for precious reefs!

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