The Beginner’s Guide to Everyday Environmental Sustainability

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Is it impossible to live an environmentally-friendly life in Kuala Lumpur? We are required to drive cars everywhere, we consume close to 250 litres of water a day per person, and in 2008, Malaysia was identified as having the second highest growth rate of carbon dioxide emissions.

How do we reclaim environmental sustainability in our everyday, urban lives?

Three experts in Malaysian environmental organizations share their experiences and offer suggestions. Learn how you can make small changes around your house, your office, and even in your neighborhood to conserve water and energy, reduce waste, and decrease your carbon footprint!

Build a personal practice of everyday sustainability. Start here with us at Change for Good.

Panel Speakers
• Global Environmental Centre – Dr Kalithasan, Head of River Care Programme
• Ecocentric Transitions – Firdaus Nisha Muhammad Faizal
• More TBA!

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