The Future of Agriculture – Talk by Ng Tien Khuan

《The future of agriculture 未来的农业 》


What is the relationship between agriculture and pollution?
What is its relationship to floods?
Why is the climate getting more extreme?

物理硕士毕业的黃田環 ,在16年前,去到金马伦,本来是在学院当讲师的他,因为被美丽的太太和金马伦美丽的风景(原始森林)所吸引而改变了他成为一位保护生态环境、守护森林的农夫。

11年前,开创了和平农场 (Terra Farm).
Terra 在拉丁文是地球的意思,所以这个农场不是我们的,而是地球的农场。而中文名叫和平农场,希望我们这样的农场出现能带给生态环境祥和与和平。

About speaker Ng Tien Khuan:
Mr Ng Tien graduated in Master of Physics. It was 16 years ago when Mr Ng who was still a lecturer had fallen in love with both his lovely wife and the ethereal beauty of Primeval forest, and had thus became a farmer mainly to protect the jungle and the ecosystem.

Terra farm was founded 11 years ago. Terra means earth in Latin, in which it denotes that the farm belongs to the earth and not to us. To name it the farm of peace in Chinese, reflects our wish that the existence of the farm could bring upon peace and harmony to the ecosystem.

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