The Santubong Nature Festival

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Come November 9th and 10th, the Malaysian Nature Society Kuching Branch and Permai Rainforest Resort will host the Santubong Nature Festival. The two-day event is opened to MNS members and the public.

Here’s why we are celebrating this nature festival:

  • To raise public awareness of the priceless natural and historical – local and global – heritage value of the Santubong Peninsula;
  • To advocate for a holistic and integrated approach to development and management of the area safeguarding its unique landscape, biodiversity and historical assets;
  • To showcase the tourism and recreational potential of the natural and cultural values of the Santubong Peninsula;
  • To stimulate reflection on responsible and sustainable further management of the peninsula and its surroundings.

What to expect!
Interesting activities highlighting Santubong peninsula’s natural, historical and cultural heritage such as multi-sport treasure hunt, heritage & heritage walks, talks and tree planting will be held at Permai Rainforest Resort during the festival.

Lead up activities to Santubong Nature Festival such as photography contest, boat trips, talks and ‘Secret Rooms’ tour will be held in Kuching and Santubong peninsula as well between now and November.

MNSKB, as a local environmental NGO, is very concerned with the overall development and well-being of Santubong peninsula. It recognises the need to develop the area but that development should be well-planned so that development would not degrade the iconic mountain.

Land clearing for housing, tall buildings and a proposed cable car to the peak of the mountain could alter the landscape and scar Santubong’s aesthetic visual value if not properly planed. Development taking place without sensitivity to historical and archaeological considerations would also produce many irreversible problems.

It is hoped that the Santubong Nature Festival will help to address these through greater public awareness and eventually advocate for a holistic, sustainable and integrated approach to development and management of the area. So, make a date with us.

For more information, log on to the official festival blog and the festival Facebook page

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