Trip: Cameron Highlands 3D2N leisure cum photography

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Cameron Highlands is well-known for its cooling temperature and tourism attractions.
Come August, we are heading up to MNS-BOH Field Study Centre where we will stay there for 3D2N. The centre is located deep into the tea plantation valley at Habu, a small urban area shortly after Ringlet, and away from city sights and sounds. More precisely, it is located on the slopes of Gunung Cantik, where one can do a short hike up the tea plantation to enjoy the beautiful sceneries of Cameron Highlands hills and valleys and to take in the chilling winds.
It is generally known that the temperature at the centre and its vicinity is lower than Tanah Rata and Brinchang despite being lower in altitude; this is because the centre is located about 9 km inside from the main road and where there is absence of commercial development. There are times when the area is completely shrouded in mists (hint: photography opportunity).
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