WAF Award Impact Forum and Ceremony

WAF Award Impact Forum and Ceremony

The news is bad.
Two billion hectares have suffered degradation the size of Russia and India combined. 700 million people lack clean water, and 800 million are undernourished. Today 28,000 people will die of hunger. “Food deserts” proliferate, even in developed societies. And in the middle of this, climate change and floods are forcing farmers off their land. WAF has identified proven breakthrough solutions from around the world. Consider these “exceptional pioneers”

· Involve all attendees in “participatory leadership”
· Apply social innovation to solve major challenges
· Create strategies to empower communities
· Adapt proven solutions to local needs

And Now for the First Time in Asia!
And what better country than Malaysia with its
exceptional biological and social diversity?
And what better venue than the gateway city of
Kuala Lumpur, home to many social entrepreneurs!

Why You Should Be There!
· Connect with global change makers: pioneers,
corporations, investors, experts, officials and NGOs
· Help scale breakthrough solutions worldwide
· Bring your expertise to the table. We all matter!

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