Workshop: Building with Bottles & Cans

Join graduate of the Earthship Academy (New Mexico, USA), Rubén Cortés, in learning some of the building techniques of the Garbage Warrior, using recycled materials easily found in urbanscapes.

In this 2-session workshop, participants will learn how to build with natural and recycled materials. Based on Earthship Biotecture building methods, Rubén will show participants how to use cans, bottles and dirt to create a literally dirt-cheap yet useful and great-looking structure, which you can replicate to build any structure you imagine.

About the teacher


Rubén combines experience in tourism, business development, management and education from Europe, Latin America and South East Asia with a great passion for social issues and sustainable models of development. His interest in social issues and his passion to learn and contribute to social sustainability brought him to South East Asia where he has been involved in development projects in Cambodia and Malaysia. In a search for methods that can contribute effectively and sustainably to social development, he recently went to Taos, New Mexico to study a radical sustainable construction model created by the architect Michael Reynolds and known as Earthship Biotecture. This model is based on self-sustainable buildings that encounter natural phenomena to provide affordable shelter that minimizes environmental impact; provides clean water, energy and food; contains its sewage, and efficiently recycles garbage.


Eats, Shoots & Roots, Bukit Gasing, Petaling Jaya.

Course Fees:
RM300 inclusive of tea breaks and refreshments.

Discounted Fees:
RM250 if you register early by 16th September, or bring a friend along


Places go quickly, so register now to secure a space on the workshop:

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