Zoo Negara 8 Hours Volunteer Program

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Zoo Negara 8 Hours Volunteer Program
Date | 14 February 2016 Sunday
Fee | RM40 (RM10 Zoo Negara, RM30 Dri-fit T-shirt)
Volunteers | 80

Account Holder | Muhyiddin Yaarop
Account No. | Maybank 164717086723
Whatsapp | +6012-2622309
E-mail | muhyiddinyaarop@yahoo.com

Kindly whatsapp (+6012-2622309) me your details
1) Full name
2) Identification card number
3) Contact number

Event Details
The volunteer programme is open to everyone aged 16 years and above. As a volunteer, you must be willing to help the zoo in any appropriate tasks assigned to you throughout the 8 hours day, starting at 8.00 am.

We need volunteers’ aid in the following areas:

Resource Centre
Graphic Designs

In addition, we also need volunteers to aid* our zookeepers at the following exhibits.

Great Apes
Monkeys/Lesser Apes
Children’s World
Big Cats
Hoof stock

*Work given might not be according to volunteer preference.

Rules & Regulations
This programme is open to anyone age 16 years and above. A registration fee is RM 10 per person for the contribution of wildlife environmental education programme.

Volunteers must contact the Education Department at least two days before the arrival of the registered date to confirm his/her attendance or group attendance and to cancel the booking date.

The group co-ordinator must bring along the latest completed list of volunteers which includes full name, contact number, signature and submit this form with the name list on the volunteering day. It is the co-ordinator’s responsibility to ensure that the group members read and understand the Rules & Regulations.

Volunteers are expected to arrive NO Later than 8.15 am. Late comers will NOT be entertained and will be advised to either come another day or pay the entrance fee to be a normal visitor.

Volunteers must wear proper attire while on duty. That includes covered shoes, long trousers. Open-toed shoes, shorts, jewellery and sleeveless tops are NOT allowed. Long hair must be tied neatly. Kindly use environmental-friendly food-packaging (NO styrofoam) should you wish to bring your own packed food.

Volunteers are required to wear the tag provided at all times while on site. Only three members from the group are allowed to patrol the group during the programme.

Work might NOT be given according to volunteer’s preference. It is important that volunteers are healthy when joining this programme in order to avoid any risk of transmitting diseases to the animals or others.

Volunteers are NOT allowed to record any pictures or video of the captive animals, indoor cage or animals’ night quarters.

Volunteers must never touch, handle or feed the animals at any time for any reason without the permission from the Zoology Officers or Supervisors.

Volunteers must never enter any enclosure with the animals without permission from the employees of Zoo Negara Malaysia and NOT allowed to remain in the zoo premises after working hours.

Volunteers must be careful and aware of all tools and personal belongings at all times while doing the programme.

Volunteers must immediately notify their group leader and Zoo Negara Malaysia’s employees if any accidents or mishaps happen while on site. Volunteers must NOT interfere with the Management of Zoo Negara Malaysia.

Volunteers are fully responsible for their own belongings, health and safety. The Management of Zoo Negara Malaysia, the Malaysian Zoological Society and its employees will NOT be held responsible for any accidents, loss, claims, damage and injuries to the volunteer and personal property.

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