Adding content in MESYM

Who can add content in MESYM?


Is it free?


Do I need to log in to add content?

Yes, only registered users can add content.

Do the users of the website also need to log in to read my content?

No, anyone can access the website and read all the content.

Will my content be published immediately?

No. Before that, our moderators must approve the content, in order to avoid spam and inappropriate content.

Where will my content appear?

As soon as it gets published, it will appear in our homepage, in the corresponding section (Events, Projects, etc), and in your profile.

In addition, if you are member of any Community, it will also appear under their profile.

Can I share my post with more authors?

Yes. In field ‘Authors’ you can add more users (either Organizations or Individuals) to own the post. They will both appear as authors and have full editing access.

Can I request volunteers?

Yes. Choose ‘Yes’ in field ‘Volunteers needed?’, each time someone applies to volunteer for your Project/Event/Announcement you will receive an email immediately with the person’s information.

We do not engage the volunteer in any way.

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