Extract from “BFM on COP21 #2: The Developed and The Developing”

“CBDR is at the center of this convention. The point that developing nations are saying, is that historical responsibility for this state of affairs [global temperature raise] lies with developed countries, so the primary responsibility to combat the climate change problem lies with developed countries. We all have common responsibilities to reduce it, but the lead must be taken by developed countries. Developed countries have got to finance developing countries, because fossil fuels are at the heart of development. If you want to develop, you need energy, and everyone relies on fossil fuels. If you ask them to cut down on fossil fuels drastically, it will impact on their development. So it has to be done in a way that is compatible with continuing development. And the only way that can be done is for developed countries providing finance, transferring technology and also capacity building to developing countries. So the obligation is on developed countries. Developing countries also have an obligation, but it is differentiated in this sense.”
—Professor Gurdial Singh Nijar, Malaysian Negotiator for the Paris talks and lead spokesman for Like Minded Developing Countries (LMDC)

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