Extract from “BFM on COP21 #2: The Developed and The Developing”

“Up to this point, developed countries have made a commitment, but they have not fulfilled their commitment [100b usd yearly financing for the climate fund]. Developed countries want to make it only mitigation-centric, which means you reduce your emissions, very little focus on adaptation, but we got to adapt. A country like Malaysia, there were the Kelantan floods, the government has to attend to it and do adaptation as well. We cannot just start reducing our emissions without focusing our funds and technology in that direction. So unless developed countries fulfil their obligations, which they undertook in the convention from 1992, then you’re going to hamper their collective effort and individual effort. This is actually the crunch of the issue.”
—Professor Gurdial Singh Nijar, Malaysian Negotiator for the Paris talks and lead spokesman for Like Minded Developing Countries (LMDC)

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