Extract from “BFM on COP21 #2: The Developed and The Developing”

“The problem now is, in these negotiations, there is a lot of resistance from developed countries. […] They are not prepared to provide figures on finance, no commitment on finance, and then it is suggested there is 62% financing [62 out of 100b USD to be provided for the climate fund], but for a lot of this financing there is no transparency. When Japan says they’ve given Malaysia X million dollars, and then we ask them ‘where did this money go?’, they don’t even know. Our agencies do not know, our ministries do not know. So we want transparency with regards to this. And also, we don’t want you [developed nations] to re-package developing countries, what they do is they are already giving development aid, then they re-package that development aid as climate financing.”
—Professor Gurdial Singh Nijar, Malaysian Negotiator for the Paris talks and lead spokesman for Like Minded Developing Countries (LMDC)

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