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Power Shift Malaysia is a climate change movement by youths, for youths. We engage with various movements to generate momentum towards clean, renewable energy sources and a safe climate future

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Adopt a Negotiator

Adopt a Negotiator empowers youth around the world to write about climate change, and track the UN climate negotiations

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Anti Haze Action

The Anti Haze Action explores how we, as a civil society, can address the haze problem affecting Malaysia and its neighboring countries.

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APE Malaysia

APE Malaysia strives to improve wildlife welfare both in the wild by collaborating with conservation organisations and state government bodies in habitat restoration and in captivity by working with wildlife rehabilitation centres and zoos through the creation of enrichment.

ar-Raudhah Farm CSA

We are committed to being a part of a more sustainable food system and educating the youth about agriculture.

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ASK Event Management

We believe that that outdoor is one of the most effective and influential life-changing activity.

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Bar Council Environment & Climate Change Committee

Our Committee is a part of the Malaysian Bar. We work on matters relating to the environment and climate change, with a strong public interest focus.

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BeBonobo connects people who have unused stuff with the people who need it in the same town/city.

Biji-biji Initiative

The Biji-biji Initiative champions sustainable living, minimising the carbon footprint and leaving a positive impact after everything we do. Reduce Waste, Work Together.

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Connecting the green dots is a crowd-sourced platform and a living database for environmental movements in Malaysia. There are many good actions being done out there. Our goal is to bring them together. We connect the green dots.