Our Story

First version of MESYM.com

MESYM.com was founded by Gene in May 2011, who initiated and submitted the project to the Bayer Young Environmental Envoy (BYEE) programme. The project competed and won at the national level in Malaysia, and went on for the BYEE International Finals in Germany. After returning from Germany, Gene continued to develop the project, and the website grew to have an average of 120 visitors per day.

In mid 2012, the MESYM project was submitted to the Denso Youth for Earth Action (DYEA) Global Youth Education Programme. It was one of the three projects to be chosen from Malaysia, to be presented in Japan. MESYM ended up as the winning project out of the three.

mesym.com v1.0

Second version of MESYM.com: boosting Action

In January 2013, Gene’s one-person team was joined by Jun-E and Leo. The added capacity meant that the project could be expanded much further. In the following months, the team worked hard in completely revamping MESYM.com to add in powerful new features, with the intention of empowering the community to post their own content, and to streamline the environmental movement in Malaysia. In addition to the online platform, the MESYM team also started a monthly documentary screening event.

Mesym Documentary Night @ Loyar Burok

MESYM.com was relaunched in mid-April 2013, and the MESYM team proceeded to connect the online platform to communities that would benefit from using it. The vision of providing a central hub for Malaysia’s environmentalists, both online and offline, attracted like-minded people to contribute to the cause. The MESYM team grew from three to six even before the relaunch of MESYM 2.0, and continues to expand.

The Volunteering stage

Starting on June 2013, the MESYM Team started to organize Action Mapping Events, getting together a group of like-minded volunteers, with the intention of mapping all Actions and Events happening all over Malaysia, and expand our reach and network. This first event was attended by Amalen, Emily, Jac Ky, Chris, Eric, Nicolas and Imran.

To find out how to take part in this initiative, see our Volunteer Page.

MESYM Volunteers - Action Mapping Event 02/06/2013

Welcome to MESYM!
Connecting the green dots

MESYM.com is a crowd-sourced platform and a living database for environmental movements in Malaysia. There are many good actions being done out there. Our goal is to bring them together. We connect the green dots.