Appeal for donations – Help us save the dogs!

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Dear all,

MDDB only appeals for help when we are cornered and we have arrived at that situation now due to our high expenses and the subsidies we have been handing out to independent rescuers. We owe several veterinary clinics a combined amount of almost RM60,000 and there are other bills such as staff salaries, rental, utilities and meat which come up to RM8,000 a month.

We have no choice but to turn to your generosity for help. We hope you will see us through our troubled time. Contribution can be made by way of bank transfer, cheque or PayPal. We thank you with much gratitude for helping us through this difficult patch. Herewith the required details:

Community Development and Integration Initiative Bhd
Public Bank Account Number: 3151793708

PAYPAL:Community Development and Integration Initiative Bhd

1. Community Development and Integration Initiative Bhd
2. Thomas Animal Clinic & Pet Corner
3. Healing Rooms Veterinary Clinic Sdn. Bhd.
4. Brickfields Veterinary Medical Center

Cheques can be mailed to No. 22, Lorong Menpelam, Jalan Telok Gadong, 41100, Klang, Selangor.

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