Who is actually are responsible for electronic waste that have been filling up the landfill? Of course the answer is the owners of the electronics. Who are the owners? If you are reading this, you are one of them because this is can only be read if you own electronic devices. Why is it your fault? Firstly, it is because electronic devices are made of non-biodegradable materials.

Few people see value in their used electronics because once it lost its function, people tend to store it in a place that is out of their sight or some people would throw it away together with the general waste, which is improper. Electronics devices are full of valuable materials that can be disassembled, recycled and reused in new product. If people would start taking interest in how to manage their electronic waste and start to see its value before throwing it away, we could live in zero waste world. But little did the people know, throwing away their electronic waste is like throwing away steel, copper, gold and iron away.

Feel guilty now? You should!


Don’t Waste your electronic waste

It is normal for human-beings to not settled down with an electronic device for a lifetime. It is also normal for them to change their devices every 2 to 3 years. But the mistakes they keep doing while looking to upgrade and get the next best thing is by throwing away electronics that are still in a good condition that can still be beneficial to somebody else.

What usedcomputer can do to help you?

Usedcomputer can help you by:

  • Recycle your electronic waste even the electronics

We can recycle any type of commercial electronics that the world has to offer. We will accept it even it is already broken or faulty. Generally, we accept anything electronics.

  • Offers Technology Trade Ins and Re-market Programs

If you still have device that is still in market demand, we will give you a credit or trade in value to use against the purchase of a new device. We offer refurbished devices

  • Drop-Off your items

Consumers that have a little amount of electronics can drop by to our shops and redeem your cash instantly.

  • Collaborate on special occasion

If you want to add uniqueness to your events, gatherings or any occasions, you can collaborate with us. For example, if your neighborhood is having a gathering, you can invite us and we will collect your electronics and the cash that will be rewarded that can be put into a good cause by the neighborhood.


  1. Organizers of 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics recently announced that they will make the gold, silver and bronze medals awarded at the game from materials recovered from electronics donated by the public (Andrew McKirdy)
  2. Ashton Eaton (Retired Decathlete and world record holder) says that when an athlete at Tokyo wins a medal, the weight of it will not be from the gold, silver or bronze; it will be the weight of a nation.

So meaningful right?

It is time for consumers, corporates, and the government to responsibly dispose old devices rather than just giving all the focus and attention to only making new gadgets, not throwing shades but old devices should not be neglected.

So, before you throw your electronics, think of us before you discard!