AVEDA Walk for Water 2014 – Trailer

April is the Earth Month when we have plenty of green events going around here and there to create awareness among the public towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Even though we are having water rationing for this month in Selangor, but we are still fortunate enough to have cheap and convenient tap water supply at home. The minor water ‘crisis’ we have now has given us some effects on daily life that we really have to carefully plan the usage of water. Imagine the situation that we do not have clean water supply at home at all and the nearest water supply is a few kilometers away. On 27th April 2014 there is another exciting water-related environmental awareness event named AVEDA Walk for Water 2014 which is an international charity campaign supporting EcoKnight’s H2O Project (Help to Offer Safe Drinking Water to Mantanani), an effort of Blue Life.


AVEDA Walk for Water 2014 is going to be held from 7.30am to 10am at the Fountain area of Pavilion Mall, Bukit Bintang. Participants will walk for 3km which symbolises the distance some people in the world without clean water supply have to walk to get fresh water. Fund raised in this event will be used for the delivering of safe and clean drinking water to some 1200 villagers on Mantanani island, Sabah. As we know, island is surrounded by the sea where the salt water is not suitable to be consumed. Usually the fresh water supply of an island comes from the groundwater which is pumped  from deep underground. The restoration of groundwater supply by rain water is slow compared to the rate of harvesting the precious water stored in the water table (which is ground saturated by water), resulting in the depletion of groundwater supply. If that happens, saline water from the sea might be sucked into the underground of the island, making the land saline and not suitable for plant growth besides contaminating the already limited groundwater. The worse thing that can happen after the depletion of groundwater supply is the formation of sinkhole where the land collapses as the once saturated water table is empty and land subsides, compressing the ground that the water table can no longer store water again. Buildings built on the land might be destructed as well due to the collapsing of land underneath.
The organiser.

Now we see how precious fresh water can be on islands where rural communities live. We should appreciate water more by keep reminding ourselves how difficult it is for them to get safe drinking water. Join the walk to contribute to the movement for the improvement of livelihoods for the islanders! So if you are 13 years old and above, feel free to register here with entry fee of RM40 in exchange of a goodie bag consists of AVEDA travel size shampoo and conditioner (50ml each) worth RM60 and a cash voucher of RM30. The registration will be closed upon reaching 1,000 participants by 23rd April 2014. (oh you are below 13 years old? The admission is free but you are not eligible to receive the goodie bag, sorry!)

Celebrate Earth Month, clean water is pure happiness!

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