Borneo orangutan dies

I got an email from with some horrifying news. I’m sorry to have to share this.

Devastating news. An orangutan has died after being found on a palm oil plantation in Borneo with 40 air rifle pellets in her body.

She was found inside a palm oil plantation in the Central Kalimantan province, the third largest province in Indonesia that’s covered in dense tropical rainforest and peatland swamps, and internationally acknowledged as a sanctuary for the endangered orangutan.

It’s a sanctuary no longer. As corporations move in to transform the lush forest into an oil palm monoculture, they are displacing people and now, murdering the endangered animals who call the rainforest home.

An x-ray result showed 10 pellets in the head, 8 pellets in the left leg and pelvis, 18 pellets in the right leg and pelvis, as well as six pellets in the chest and right hand,” the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation said.

Her right upper leg was also broken and maggots were found inside her open wounds. A team of medics tried to save her life but tragically, she couldn’t hold on.

More information: Borneo Orangutan dies with 40 pellets in her body

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