Bridges of Goodwill And Sustainability

As a keen enthusiast to all things legitimately sustainable, I choose to see the beauty and positivity of our society amidst the intensity of climate change. This beauty can be found in the littlest of details, from the homeless man on the street who carefully picks out recyclables in the hopes of making a couple of dollars, the kid who’s learning to compost his organic wastes in the garden, to the politician who chooses a brighter future for his children and his nation over the millions of dollars he could make today.

Our country may be faulty in many ways as is with many other developing nations, but its people  carry on fighting for what they truly believe in and these people continue to give us hope for a better future. The following story, written by Jeremy Cheong, is a simple story of one woman’s mission towards sustainability through empowerment, social growth, unity and education.

With A Dash Of Magic
by Jeremy Cheong

It may be true that men shape the world with their hands but at the end of the day, it is up to women to refine it; to smoothen the rough edges, to add in intricate details and meticulous designs. Women are now seen as equals to men but the truth is, they have always been. Throughout the test of time and history, there have been a countless number of incredible women and in our very own lives, we would have met and even spent our days with them. Grandmothers, mothers, aunts, sisters and daughters, these women help shape us into who we are.

While it may seem like men are usually the ones at the frontlines making a difference, there are actually many women in the background making even greater strides when it comes to changing how a society works and thinks. Take for example, Puan Fuzi Hanim, founder of Fuzimagic, a program that aims to inspire children and volunteers to be assets to the nation and blessings to the world.

Puan Fuzi was raised by a single mother, the late Puan Siti Hawa Zain, a broadcaster in the 1950s who prepared her kids including Puan Fuzi for life in the 21st century. Puan Siti taught her children values such as respect, tolerance and accepting differences until differences made no difference anymore. Subsequently, these values are the very same ones, which Puan Fuzi taught her kids, grandchildren and now students.

She spent much of her early working years in the Building & Construction Industry and there she learned to jump out of her comfort zone as she had to deal with pre-conceived ideas of race, gender, age and etc. Although she already had her hands full with building houses, her grand design was to Build Bridges of Goodwill with anyone and everyone. It wasn’t a physical bridge but it was bridge that could still be felt by all. Bridges of goodwill opens the door to a million positive possibilities and by the merging of goodwill and environmental awareness, the future of our children will be well taken care of.

The Goodwill Ambassador

Willa – The Goodwill Ambassador


Wizz – The Green Ambassador

Inspired by her grandchildren, Puan Fuzi then decided to create her very own story and this was where she came up with the planet Glolan, which glowed in the dark. This comic book story then developed further during her tour in Europe as she gained even more inspiration from her friends’ children in the Netherlands, UK and Germany. These kids loved Puan Fuzi’s comic and this spurred her to continue doing so. It took her 6 years of research and development and since March 2012, the concept of her Student Development Program has been implemented in places such as Rumah Hope, Paramount Garden, SUCI Rohani, Bandar Utama.

Fuzimagic also plays its part to instil and nurture the love of nature into the hearts and minds of children. Her storyline took a slight turn in 2009 as she dealing with sales of Green solutions. With the state Mother Nature is in these days, she decided to drive the Green agenda to these future politicians, captains of industries, teachers and parents so that we may all live in a Green Zone in the near future.

Kids all over Malaysia are already in love with Puan Fuzi’s comics and all it takes is a little gentle persuading magic and they are willing to do what the comic teaches them. With the help of Wizz, the Green Mascot of Fuzimagic, these young green ambassadors learn how to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle their toys and books and also play their part by keeping the environment clean and learning the importance of saving electricity and water.

However, it isn’t just about the kids as the program has also inspired many parents from the public programs with LARA’S Place and the Subang Jaya Book Exchange community are now involved in collecting toys and books to be given away to orphanages and children homes. Parents are also more than happy to accompany their children on the Goodwill Visits to orphanages.


She may be starting from square one but Puan Fuzi believes that although the process may be a long one, the impact will definitely be great. Many children do not know about the 3 Rs, so this green mentality has to be instilled NOW! Fuzimagic has not gone unnoticed as they are already in the midst of an upcoming Green Room project with SMK Sentul Utama where a classroom will be transformed into a green room for activities. This room will expose students to greening efforts such as reused materials (incorporating student initiatives), energy efficient lighting designs, low-VOC paints, a comfortable indoor air-quality where greenery plays a key role, and many other sustainability efforts. If all goes well, Puan Fuzi even plans to include a Spice Garden to the program.

In the long run, Puan Fuzi hopes to collaborate with environmental NGO’s and to make her program into a national exercise to develop students of all ages. If you hope to be a part of this inspiring and magical journey with Fuzimagic, do feel free to write to Puan Fuzi Hanim at

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