Call For Application of Master Program in Environment with Full Scholarship & Opportunity to Work in China for Young Scientist

Hi, I got the email below, here sharing with everyone

Dear friends,

Greetings from IESD, Tongji University, Shanghai. Hope everything goes perfect with you and your family.

We’re launching a Master Programme in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development with a full scholarship, including tuition fee, one-round trip, local accommodation and monthly living expenses. The programme would start from September 2015 and end July 2017:

Call for Application of Young Scientists from Asian-African Region Working in China

The programme of “Outstanding Young Scientists from Asia-Africa Region working in China” would provide some funding for under the age of 45 year-old non-Chinese scientists to work and do the research in Chinese science institutions, universities and enterprises for from half-year to one year as visiting scholars.


  1. Foreign citizens from Asian or African countries (Japan, Singapore, Israel, and Central Asia countries are not included);
  2. Under the age of 45 year-old(for Korean scientists, the age limit is 40);
  3. At least five years of research experience or hold a doctoral degree;
  4. Fluency in English or Chinese mandarin;
  5. In good state of health;
  6. Work full-time in China
  7. Undertake to comply with laws, regulations and other related rules in China.

Funding Information

The qualified candidate would receive 12500 RMB per month, including the subsidy of accommodation, living expense and health insurance, etc.


Prof. LI Fengting via



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