Climate Change Deniers — Malaysian (dis)information

Is there a campaign of disinformation in Malaysia concerning climate change? Honestly, I don’t know. And since I do not consume much media myself, I can’t give much detail about the overall situation concerning the role that media outlets are playing about this topic.

However, I want to tell you about what I’ve come across. In Green+ magazine, “Malaysia’s Premier Eco-friendly, Sustainable and Green Business Magazine”, in its IGEM 2014 Special Edition there is an article with the title “The global warming hoax”, and sub-headline “Scientists fabricate data to blame humans for climate change“. Hmmmmm, very interesting for this to be published in a magazine that defines itself as ‘eco-friendly’.

Green+ IGEM 2014 Special Edition

Green+ IGEM 2014 Special Edition

Article "The Global Warming Hoax" on page 70 of the magazine

Article “The Global Warming Hoax” on page 70 of the magazine

What I read in that article, I must say, shocked me. It was such an utter nonsense that I couldn’t believe my eyes. I mean, it was even bullshit for the denier’s standards (any denier around? let me know your opinion). I have transcribed the first 4 paragraphs from the article exactly as they are, judge by yourselves:

Carbon emissions from “fossil fuels” are blamed for global warming or climate change by world leaders and the minions they have been able to convince. The truth that is inconvenient for the powers that are moving to control the world by taxing and killing us for breathing, is that this climate fraud is being exposed.

Still trying to blame human life for what they are now calling “global climate disruption” or the “climate crisis” to drum up some attention, the powers promoting this hoax use it to justify other actions they engage. They are testing ever more serious sounding test phrases to learn which one resonates best with the hypnotized public.

There has been an investigation of the purposeful manipulation of statistics to support the false theory of a long term global warming trend. This notion has been thoroughly shown to be a sophisticated hoax by corrupt officials, although there are still disinformation posts on propaganda websites to keep the myth going.

Falsely created and wrongly interpreted inconclusive statistics used to suggest consistent global warming were promoted starting over 20 years ago. These inaccurate conclusions were cited for reasons of politics, profit making and population control by the powers that be. Many of the global warming stats intentionally encouraged[SIC] and even funded by the elite, have been shown to be fraudulent.


I love the minions bit! Anyway, what a huge piece of nonsense! Luckily (or maybe unluckily) you can read online the Green+ article in its entirety (skip straight to page 70 of the magazine, page 72 in, and googling a tiny bit, you can find online the original article from where it originated, as authored by the “societal analyst and wellness educator” Jon Miller (googling his name produces no results though – I wonder if he actually exists in real life or only in the imagination of some troll…).

The question that arises is, why did Green+ publish such a piece of crap? I actually asked one of their editors, and he said it was to keep the “fair balance” required for good journalism. Even if it’s a good intention to keep the fair balance to produce “good journalism”, it doesn’t even apply in this case. As author of ‘Merchants of Doubt‘ Naomi Oreskes mentions, “the idea of equal time for opposing opinions does not work for science, because science is not about opinion. It is about evidence.” And since there’s no support for what this article says, and evidently there will never be, then it does not deserve to be published.

So I still wonder, why did they published this piece of crap? Are they unscrupulous mercenaries, who were paid to do so? Or are they completely incompetent and ignorant of their own topic, and they added the articles because they thought it was a good piece of information? Or maybe they never read it and just copy/pasted it from the internet to fill up the space? Or if not, why did they? Anyone knows?

It is very disturbing to come across something like this in the media. I hope it was just an honest mistake that they made. Otherwise, I couldn’t allow myself to buy or read this magazine again, since I couldn’t trust their content anymore – is it information what they produce, or disinformation?

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