Crowd-funding for the Little Turtle Messenger iPad App

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Our first crowd-funding project is to design & develop an interactive storybook app for the Apple’s iPad, based on the story, “Little Turtle Messenger” with subtle messages; to spread awareness on the activities carried out by the Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia. It is based on a Malaysianized hardcopy storybook & DVD animation by the same name, Little Turtle Messenger.

In order to produce the interactive app, we need to raise $4,000 in 60 days. And here’s how crowd-funding works. Instead of applying for a $4,000 grant from any one party or organization, we are turning to the members of the public for support.

We hope the iPad app will reach out to a global audience on the conservation efforts and how everyone can play an educational role within their community, while raising funds at the same time, for more conservation work through TCS.

For more info:

Website: Support our first crowd-funding project!
pitchIN project page: pitchIN now!

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