Delhi’s pollution: A major concern

Delhi’s pollution: A major concern

There are more than 28 industrial areas in Delhi. Most of the small and medium scale industries don’t have individual facilities to treat liquid waste.  Delhi IS entering its bitter battle against being the fourth most polluted city in the world. Rapid growth rate of industrialisation and migration has created many challenges for the municipality to overcome.

The unexpected growth in the number of vehicles in Delhi is a major concern as everyday over 1500 vehicles joining the line in Delhi? The city is regularly choked in thick fog as an array of traffic and heavy industries throw 3,000 ton of pollutants into the air everyday. Pollution from thermal power plants contributes 13 per cent of air pollution. The city could become impossible to live in because of air and water pollution.

The terrible air quality in the Indian capital has just became even worse due to large scale construction . There is a government body called Delhi Pollution Control Committee existing in Delhi (DPCC) basically established for controlling pollution in Delhi’s pollution. Emerging middle classes of Delhi will have to scale down expectations and start curbing their own polluting activities to avoid the prospect of the city becoming impossible to live in.

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