Discussion Paper from UNESCAP: Water, Food and Energy Nexus in Asia and the Pacific

This paper was prepared by UNESCAP [United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific] to discuss about security of water, food and energy resources in Asia and the Pacific region.

The PDF and description can be also be found in the UNESCAP website under this link: http://www.unescap.org/publications/detail.asp?id=1551.


As the regional arm of the United Nations, ESCAP continues looking for better policy options and initiatives in the area of resources management. ESCAP, in its “Low Carbon Green Growth Roadmap for Asia Pacific” publication has articulated on “Turning resource constraints and the climate crisis into economic growth opportunities. ESCAP’s works on water and green growth identify the needs for preemptive development planning in managing climate change impacts, such as in improved governance.

This water-food-energy nexus looks at the debate on ‘resource scarcity”, with new scientific findings that suggested humanity has exceeded the planetary boundaries, threatening its own safety. Of all natural resources, energy, water and food are most needed to sustain life on earth. The three resources are tightly interconnected, forming a policy nexus. The increase in resource use in the region has been above the world average. The reliant on fossil fuel sources for their economic growth has resulted in the countries of Asia and the Pacific, accounting for almost half the world’s CO2 emissions in 2008. The security of water, energy and food resources has been compromised in parallel with decades of economic development in Asia and the Pacific and hence the needs to study these three resources together in a nexus approach.

It is with great pleasure that ESCAP published this latest discussion paper, targeted for discussions at the 2APWS, in Chiang Mai, May 2013, to provide background materials for the discussions at both the Technical workshops and the Focus Area Sessions

Discussion Paper

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