Donate RM20 to stop Baram Dam!

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Dear friends in Peninsular Malaysia and elsewhere, on behalf of the Baram people involved in resisting the dams in Sarawak, we in SAVE Rivers and BPAC would like to thank you for all the supports you gave for this campaign. With your kind supports, we in the network have been able to carry out a number of projects for the last two years without being restricted too much by limited funds. For 2014, we have lined up a number of projects for continuing the advocacy works against the proposed construction of more mega dams in Sarawak. Your continuous support would therefore be much appreciated.At the time of writing, there is an urgent need to support those who are manning the two blockades in Baram in order to improve the tents to accommodate them at the sites. Built with the cheapest materials available on the 23rd October 2013, when the blockade started, the tents are now worn out after exposure to the weather. Besides that there is also a great need for improving the sanitary system at the camps. The amount needed is more than we in SAVE Rivers can afford so we need your generous support.


The initiatives by the Dr. Pa Khim Ghee, DAMN THE DAM, BARAMKINI, NGOs and individuals in organising this fund raising drive and their own donation is really appreciated. As stated in their facebooks, donation can be made directly to the following account:

Name: Save Rivers Sdn. Bhd.
Account Number: 561181102247
SWIFT CODE for Donations from countries outside Malaysia: MBBEMYKL

Best Regards,
Peter N. J. KallangChairman SAVE Rivers

Save Rivers Facebook :

Save Rivers website:

p/s I got the content above from email and have traced the email is originated from Save Sarawak Rivers and tally with the info from Save Sarawak River’s Facebook Page.

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