Eating Poison Everyday (Part 1) : Overview / 天天都在吃毒(第一部): 综览篇



One quarter of what you eat keeps you alive, but three quarters of what you eat keeps your doctor alive. The daily foods that we are so familiar with are killing us……

FOOD MATTERS (trailer):


The modern food industry provides food for us faster, more, and cheaper. At the same time, this is also making us sicker, fatter, and poorer.

The food industry does not want you to know the truth of what you are eating, because if you knew, you might not want to eat it.

FOOD INC. (extraction with Chinese subtitles):


Never before in human history is like ours:  Eating so much, so oily, so sweet, so cruel (the ways of raising & slaughtering animals), so long distance (transportation of food), so unjust (to farmers & workers), and so harmful to our body. Actually no one is intentionally eating unhealthy. Most people just don’t know the truth behind the food……

*Extracted from preface written by Hui-Fang, Zhu, professional food author, Taiwan

In the food market driven primarily by capitalism, basically people can only achieve filtered & limited choices on the shells. Those food items placed on the shells, must be those profitable, good selling, and better yet those that will be repeatedly purchased by the consumers, which are those so called “addictive” food items.

*Refer to <Understand the Food Labels> written by Hong Kong Professor Yi-Xing, Kuang

From using chemical fertilizers, synthetic food addictives, GMO, laser (disinfecting process), to usingpackaging with toxins…, every procedure involved, as long as it can increase the attraction to the consumers or reduce the production cost, the food manufactures would be happy to use that……The consumers are like the guinea pigs in the lab test.


What’s wrong with our food system? The 11 years old boy Birke Baehr knows. He had studied a lot about this, and he took actions to make a difference.

It’s not too late for us to know and to make changes, NOW.



Originally published in my blog: “U-Turn of Creation



FOOD MATTERS 食物影响钜深(预告片):




FOOD INC. 食品企业公司(摘录, 附中文字幕):






从使用化学肥料、人工添加剂、基因改造、辐射(消毒过程)、到使用含毒素包装…,每一个涉及的步骤,只要有机会可以增加食品对消费者的吸引力,或减低成本,食品生产商都会乐于采用…… 消费者就像实验室里的白老鼠。


我们的粮食系統究竟出了什么问题?11 岁小男孩 Birke Baehr 知道;他做了很多研究,也付出行动带来改变。


TED – BIRKE 的5分钟演讲:


原文刊登在我的部落格: “万物的U转

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