Eating Poison Everyday (Part 2) : Pesticides 1-2 / 天天都在吃毒(第二部): 农药篇 1-2



When poison is being added in the food, the initial stage is through the use of chemical fertilizers & pesticides (such as insecticides, herbicides, fungicides).

More than 400 types of chemical substances are used as pesticides to kill weeds & bugs in agriculture — Most of them had NOT been tested for efficacy & safety (e.g. 36 types of different pesticides could be sprayed for more than 16 times on conventionally grown apples).

Consequences of Exposure to Pesticides

A study at Harvard showed: Even a “tiny amount” of Organophosphate, a common pesticide, can have dramatic effects on the “brain chemistry”.

Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Asthma, Parkinson’s Disease, Diabetes, Obesity, Immune & Neurological Disorders, Infertility, Disrupted Male Hormone, Birth Defects, Malformation, Autism, ADHD, Stunted Growth, Low IQ, Obstruction in Study & Kinetic Functions, Strange Behaviors…… are all related to “exposure to pesticides”.

Pesticides Found in Blood & Urine Tests

Among the Americans being tested, 95% were found in the blood to contain Organophosphate (OP level in children blood samples were twice as much as the adult ones); 93% were found in the urine to contain Chlorpyrifos, a neurotoxic insecticide.

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) banned “combination” use of different types of pesticides, which will resulted in new & highly toxic compounds; but among the tested food products, 62% were found to have mixtures residues of at least 3 types of different pesticides!


Children are Especially Poisoned

The toxicity of most chemical substances to the children is “10 times” of the toxicity to the adults (depending on weight).

Laboratory tested the products from 8 baby food enterprises and discovered 16 types of pesticides residues, included 3 types of carcinogens!

Among the blood samples of 2-4 years old children, pesticides residues in the blood of children who ate “conventional” fruits & vegetables, are 6 times higher than those who ate “organic” ones!

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We may think it’s ok to consume just a little bit of pesticides.

Please Don’t Take Chances

Many pesticides are “Endocrine Disruptors” — When the timing is right , can do life-changing damage to human body even with extremely low doses which interfere with the hormone system. Moreover, people now-a-day are usually consuming more that just a little bit of pesticides.

The results of being poisoned by pesticides could be acute or chronic.

Pesticides are Not Able to be Washed Off

Not just fruits & vegetables, the processed food products & meats also contain pesticides — because animals are also eating feed that contains pesticides.

When USDA tested the residues of pesticides, they washed the fruits & vegetables before testing, yet the test still found large amount of pesticides — which is to say: Pesticides are not able to be washed off! Even Ozone treatment cannot remove pesticides “embedded” inside fruits & vegetables.

Horrible Amount of Pesticide Residues


  • Apple: 42 types of pesticide residues found — 7 known or probable Carcinogens, 19 suspected Hormone Disruptors, 10 Neurotoxins, 6 Developmental or Reproductive Toxins, 17 Honeybee Toxins
  • Cabbage: 51 types of pesticide residues found — 12 known or probable Carcinogens, 29 suspected Hormone Disruptors, 9 Neurotoxins, 10 Developmental or Reproductive Toxins, 21 Honeybee Toxins
  • Cucumber: 35 types of pesticide residues found — 9 known or probable Carcinogens, 25 suspected Hormone Disruptors, 12 Neurotoxins, 9 Developmental or Reproductive Toxins, 16 Honeybee Toxins
  • Milk: 12 types of pesticide residues found — 5 known or probable Carcinogens, 8 suspected Hormone Disruptors, 4 Neurotoxins, 4 Developmental or Reproductive Toxins, 4 Honeybee Toxins
  • Wheat Flour: 16 types of pesticide residues found — 3 known or probable Carcinogens, 9 suspected Hormone Disruptors, 5 Neurotoxins, 4 Developmental or Reproductive Toxins, 7 Honeybee Toxins


  1. Milk & wheat flour are the ingredients for a lot of “processed food”.
  2. We may assume fruits & vegetables from Australia & New Zealand are safe; however, one of the world’s top 10 pesticide corporations, Nufarm, is an Australian Company! As for New Zealand, a survey done in 2010 showed that: 94 % of fruits & vegetables samples contained traces of pesticide.

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超过400种化学物被用于一般农业中,作为杀死杂草和害虫的农药 — 大部份的功效和安全性“没有”被检验过(例如:苹果可以用到36种不同农药、进行多达16次喷洒)。





在受验美国人当中,95%的血液验出 Organophosphate(儿童血液样本的OP值是大人的2倍);93%的尿液验出 Chlorpyrifos(一种毒害神经的杀虫剂)。












很多农药是“内分泌干扰物” — 即使剂量非常“少”,在对的时机,就会干扰荷尔蒙系统,对人体造成改变一生的伤害。更何况,现代人通常不止吃到一点农药而已。



不只是蔬果,连加工食品和肉类也含农药 — 因为动物所吃的也是带农药的饲料。

USDA在检验“食品农药残留”时,有事先将蔬果洗过,但却仍然检验到大量的农药 — 也就是说:农药是洗不掉的! 即使是臭氧机也无法除掉“深植”蔬果内的农药。



  • 苹果:验到42种农药残留 — 7已知或可能性的致癌物,19种疑是荷尔蒙干扰物,10种是神经毒素,6种发育或生殖性毒素,17种会毒害蜜蜂
  • 生菜:验到51种农药残留 — 12种已知或可能性的致癌物,29种疑是荷尔蒙干扰物,9种神经毒素,10种发育或生殖性毒素,21种会毒害蜜蜂
  • 小黄瓜:验到35种农药残留 — 9种已知或可能性的致癌物,25种疑是荷尔蒙干扰物,12种神经毒素,9种发育或生殖性毒素,16种会毒害蜜蜂
  • 牛奶:验到12种农药残留 — 5种已知或可能性的致癌物,8种疑是荷尔蒙干扰物,4种神经毒素,4种发育或生殖性毒素,4种会毒害蜜蜂
  • 小麦粉:验到16种农药残留 — 3种已知或可能性的致癌物,9种疑是荷尔蒙干扰物,5种神经毒素,4种发育或生殖性毒素,7种会毒害蜜蜂

  1. 牛奶和小麦粉是很多“加工食品”的成份。
  2. 我们也许以为澳洲和纽西兰的蔬果是安全的;但是,名列全球十大农药企业之一的 Nufarm,就是澳洲公司!至于纽西兰方面,2010年一项检验显示:94%蔬果样本含农药残留。



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