Eating Poison Everyday (Part 3) : GMO 2 / 天天都在吃毒 (第三部) : 基因改造 2


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The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) urged physicians to advise all patients to avoid genetically modified food. Scientists warned that genetically modified food is related to:  Infertility, accelerated aging, allergy, toxicosis, immune problems, faulty insulin regulation, changes in major organs & the gastrointestinal system……

Processed food products contained genetically modified ingredients were brought into the U.K. market in 1999. A year later, number of people allergic to soybean had a huge increase of 50% !

At least 70% of the processed food products & most of the animal feed are using GM crops. Pesticide manufacturer Monsanto produces approximately 90% of the GM seeds in the world.


Two Common Types of GM Crops

1) Can tolerate the spraying of herbicide Roundup  (e.g. RR Soybean)

Herbicide Roundup is the #1 product of Monsanto. Roundup is capable of damaging DNA within a human cell even when it is diluted down to 450-fold lower concentration!

The major ingredient of Roundup is Glyphosate, which carry carcinogenicity, genotoxicity & endocrine disruptive actions. Another ingredient of RoundUp, Polyoxyethyleneamine, will “facilitate” cells’ absorption of Glyphosate, thus significantly increases Roundup’s toxicosis in humans.

Roundup is linked to the following:  Liver cancer, skin cancer, Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, meningitis, kidney damage, male reproduction system damage, low testosterone, infertility, imbalanced hormones in children, DNA damage, endocrine disruption, uranium poisoning……

2) Can produce pesticide itself  (e.g. BT Corn)

BT Corn was registered as a type of “Pesticide” !

The cells of BT Corn’s contain BT toxin (Bacillus Thuringiensis), which will kill all insects (good & bad ones) that eat the corn, by splitting open their digestive system with the poison.

Animals (lab & farm ones) that ate Bt. Corn experienced the following:  Death, liver & kidney toxicity, blood pressure problems, high blood sugar, anemia, allergies, infections, infertility, prolapsed uterus, premature deliveries, off-springs died after born, off-springs were smaller in size……


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American Academy of Environmental Medicine(AAEM)呼吁医生们劝告所有病人避开基因改造的食物。科学家们警告: 基因改造食物和以下有关联:  不育、加速老化、过敏、中毒、免疫问题、胰岛素错误调节、主要器官和肠胃产生变化……含基因改造成分的食品于 1999 年进入英国市场;一年后,对黄豆过敏的人数增加了 50% !至少 70% 的加工食品,及大部分动物饲料,都使用基因改造农作物。地球上大约 90% 的基因改造种子都是 Monsanto 农药公司生产的。



1) 耐 RoundUp 除草剂喷洒的(例如 RR 黄豆)

RoundUp 除草剂是 Monsanto 的头号商品。即使稀释了 450 倍,RoundUp 还是会破坏人体细胞的 DNA !

RoundUp 的主要成分是含致癌性、基因毒性和干扰内分泌的 Glyphosate。而 RoundUp 里的另一种成份 Polyoxyethyleneamine 会“促进”细胞对 Glyphosate 及其他化学成份的吸收,因此大大增加 RoundUp 对人体的毒害。

RoundUp 和以下有关联:  肝癌、皮肤癌、非霍奇金淋巴瘤、脑膜炎、肾脏破坏、男性生殖系统受损、低睾丸素、不育、孩童荷尔蒙失衡、DNA 破坏、内分泌失调、铀中毒……

2) 自身制造 “杀虫剂” 的(例如 BT 玉米)

BT 玉米被注册为“农药”类 !

BT 玉米的细胞含 BT 毒素(Bacillus Thuringiensis),会杀死所有吃玉米的昆虫(益虫和害虫),其毒素使它们的消化系统裂开。

吃了 BT 玉米的动物(实验室和农田的)有以下后果: 死亡、肝和肾中毒、血压问题、高血糖、贫血、过敏、感染、不育、子宫下垂、早产、生下来的孩子夭折、孩子体积比正常的小……




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