Eating Poison Everyday (Part 3) : GMO 3 / 天天都在吃毒 (第三部) : 基因改造 3


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In the beginning, there are great varieties of crops. However, the original & pure seeds are becoming extinct. (In the United States, 97% of the varieties of vegetables grown at the beginning of the 20th century are now extinct).

Today, large fields are planted with only one variety of crop (which is usually one of those popular commercial crops, such as corn & soybean). Mono crop planting has led to the increase of pests & diseases.

Weeds & Pests Develop “Resistance”

When there are more pests & diseases, farmers are forced to use more pesticides, but when more pesticides are being used, weeds/pests/diseases developed resistance, thus more pesticides needed to be sprayed…

This is a “business opportunity” for pesticides manufacturers, such as Monsanto.

Monsanto’s RoundUp has triggered more than 40 types of plants diseases. The more RoundUp is being used, the more plants diseases increase. Weeds &bugs have also developed resistance, and become the “super weeds” & “super bugs”.

GMO Company Controls Global Seeds

Whoever controls the seeds controls the food.

Mono crops, pesticides, GM seeds, monopolization……they are all linked together. From 1995 to 2005, pesticides & bio-engineering corporation Monsanto bought 50 over seeds companies around the world, so that they can use their GM seeds to replace all the other seeds.

Currently, Corn, Soybean, Rape (Canola), Cotton & Beetroot are the 5 main types of mono & GM crops in the United States.


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起初,地球上农作物是多元化的,但是,原始和纯净的种子正在绝迹(美国 20 世纪初期种植的蔬菜,有 97% 的品种现在已经绝迹)。今天,美国很多大农田只种植“单一”农作物(通常是那种畅销的商业农作物,像玉米和黄豆),但这种单一农作物的耕种法使害虫与疾病增多。



孟山都的 RoundUp 灭草剂引发超过 40 种植物疾病。RoundUp 用得越多,植物疾病越飙升。杂草和害虫也产生抗药性,变成杀不死的“超级杂草”和“超级害虫”。



单一农作物、农药、基因改造种子、垄断…全都有关联。从 1995 到 2005 年,孟山都农药/生技公司在全世界收购了 50 多家种子公司,好让孟山都的“基因改造种子”可以取代其他所有种子和垄断市场。

目前,玉米、黄豆、甜菜根、棉花、油菜 (Canola) 是美国 5 大种“单一”和“基改”农作物。


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