Eating Poison Everyday (Part 3) : GMO 4 / 天天都在吃毒 (第三部) : 基因改造 4


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Farmers in Debt & Committed Suicide

1999, Monsanto bought Mahyco, the largest seed company in India; 2 years later, India government approved Monsanto’s genetically modified “BT Cotton” to come into the market. Even if the farmers wanted to buy the conventional cotton seeds, it’s not available in the market — because Monsanto had controlled almost all the cotton seed markets in India. Farmers were forced to pay price 4 times higher than the conventional seeds to buy BT Cotton seeds, and they had to borrow usury in order to afford it.

Monsanto’s advertisement claimed that BT Cotton can reduce 7 times of the pesticides use, and increase 3 times of the cotton harvest, but actually it was completely failed — BT Cotton still needed to be sprayed pesticides in order to kill Bollworms. 2006, BT Cotton was attacked by a rare infection & damage by the Rhizoctonia, the harvest were all ruined. India agronomists said there might be bad interaction happening between cotton & BT gene, thus weakened the plants’ immunity toward Rhizoctonia.

Because of poor harvest of BT Cotton, many farmers committed suicide because of debt; the area of Vidarbha was having  3 farmers suicidal cases each day on the average. Furthermore, lots of livestock fell sick & died because of grazing on the BT Cotton.


The World According to Monsanto (9 of 11)


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1999 年,孟山都收购了印度最大的种子公司 Mahyco;2 年后,印度政府批准孟山都的基因改造”BT 棉花”上市。就算农夫想买传统的棉花种子,市场上也买不到 — 因为孟山都控制了几乎整个印度的棉花种子市场。农夫被迫以高于传统种子 4 倍的价格购买 BT 棉花种子,往往必须借高利贷才买得起。

孟山都的广告说 BT 棉花可以减少 7 倍农药用量、提高 3 倍棉花产量,但实际上却彻底失败 — BT 棉花还是得喷农药才能消灭棉铃虫。2006年, BT 棉花受到前所未有的丝核菌感染和破坏,收成全毁。农学家说棉花和 BT 基因之间可能发生了一些不好的交互作用,以致植株对丝核菌的抵抗力变弱。

因为BT棉收成不好,农夫纷纷因债务而自杀; Vidarbha 地区平均每天发生 3 件农民自杀事件。此外,也有大批牲畜因误食 BT 棉花而生病死亡。


孟山都的基因改造世界 The World According to Monsanto (11之9)




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