Eating Poison Everyday (Part 3) : GMO 5 / 天天都在吃毒 (第三部) : 基因改造篇 5


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Contamination of Gene

The contamination caused by the genetically modified crops is the nightmare for the farmers, and also the calamity for the global food system.

The pollen of GM crops contaminate the genes of the organic or conventional crops nearby through agents such as wind, rain, birds, bees & insects. Even in the rural area of Mexico, the types of corn that are considered as national treasure in terms of varieties & purity, also contaminated by the GM corn in America.

“Patent” of GM Seeds

In the past, farmers usually would save up a batch of seeds for next season’s planting.
But Monsanto’s “Seed Patent” banned the farmers from saving their GM seeds, forced the farmers to always have to buy a new batch of seeds.

The pollen of Monsanto’s GM crops flew to others’ field, contaminated others’ pure seeds, but they turned around and accuse others of infringing upon the patent of their GM seed! Monsanto hired a group of “Gene Police”, took sample from others’ field without permission, then sent letter to the farmers whom crops were contaminated, accused them of infringing upon Monsanto’s seed patent, and demanded the farmers to pay compensation.



“Terminator” Seed

If Seed Patent can no longer effectively stop the farmers from saving the seeds, Monsanto might be using the next weapon — the “Terminator” genetically modified seed.

“Terminator” GM seed is also called as the “Sterile Seed“, it will create toxin to kill its own embryo — its plant can only bear fruits once, but its new seeds cannot be planted again. Thus every time after harvest, the farmers must buy a new batch of seeds. The bigger crisis is: If this “Terminator” GM seed contaminated other seeds, will it cause other seeds to be “sterile” too ?


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如果“种子专利权”不再能阻止农民保留种子,孟山都很可能会采用下一个控制武器 –“终结者”基改种子(Terminator seed)。

“终结者”基改种子,也称为“不育”基改种子,会制造毒素将自己的胚芽杀死 — 只能结一次果子,但新种子却不能再用来种植。如此,农民每一次收割后,就非得购买新一批种子不可。更大的危机是: 若这些“终结者”基改种子污染了别人的普通种子,会不会导致别的种子也“不育”?




修订版,取材自我部落格 “万物的U转” 里的文章