Eating Poison Everyday (Part 3) : GMO 1 / 天天都在吃毒 (第三部) : 基因改造篇 1



Genetically modified food has another name: the “Franken Food”.

What is GMO?

GMO stands for “Genetic Modified Organism”.

Using viruses, antibiotic resistance genes & bacteria to be the agent, indicator & initiator, randomly assembling genes from unrelated species (human, animals & plants) , forever changing the original genetic codes.

The usual method is: Extracting a gene segment that contains specific function from a species, inserting it into another species. This is not only causing damage & chaos to the sequence & structure of DNA of the original species, gene mutation could also happen, causing consequences that are out of control.

Typical Examples of Genetically Modified Crops:

– “Pesticide-tolerant” soybean invented for the purpose of spraying large amount of pesticides.

– Corn that produces “pesticide” itself.



Two GM Crops Produced by Monsanto

Genetically modified crops are usually related to “use of pesticides”.

Roundup, a highly toxic herbicide, is the signature product of pesticides manufacturer Monsanto. “Coincidentally”, Monsanto had also invented these two types of genetically modified crops:

1) “Roundup-Tolerant” crops  (e.g. RR Soybean)

Invented for spraying large amount of Roundup, the surrounding weeds are killed, but these soybeans are not. As a result, these soybeans carry lots of Roundup residues, while the weeds have also developed resistance — therefore more Roundup is needed to be sprayed.

2) Crops that produce “pesticides” themselves  (e.g. BT Corn)

Bugs (including the good ones) will drop dead if they eat any part of this corn – would you want to eat it?



GM Ingredients Have Already Invaded

Take the U.S. for example, 88% of corns, 94% of soybeans grown are genetically modified. Although we are not staying in the U.S., genetically modified ingredients have already invaded our home (mostly through the processed food).

If not certified organic, these foods are most likely to contain GMOs:  Meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, cookies, pastries, breakfast cereal, corn, corn oil, corn starch, corn syrup, fructose, glucose, aspartame, soybean, soybean powder, lecithin, isoflavone, soy protein isolate, tofu, tempeh, soybean paste, soy sauce, vegetable oil, cottonseed oil, rapeseed (canola) oil, xanthan gum, baking powder, MSG, vitamin B12, vitamin E……

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基因改造的食物有一个别名,叫作: “ 科学怪物 ” 食品。

什么是GMO ?

GMO 的全名是 Genetic Modified Organism,意思是: 基因改造生物体。


通常的做法是: 提取某生物具有特殊功能的基因片断,植入另一生物当中。这不但会造成原物种 DNA 排序结构的损害和混乱,也可能产生基因突变、造成無法收拾的後果。


– 为了大量喷洒农药而发明的“耐农药” 黄豆(也叫大豆)。

– 可自身制造“杀虫剂”的玉米。





Roundup 是一种剧毒灭草剂,是农药公司 Monsanto 的招牌产品。“碰巧”的是,Monsanto 也发明了这两种基因改造农作物:

1)耐喷洒 Roundup 的农作物 (例如 RR 黄豆)

为了大量喷洒 Roundup 而发明;周围野草被毒死,但此黄豆却不会。后果是: 此黄豆带有大量 Roundup 农药残留,而野草也产生了抗药性 — 结果需要喷更多的 Roundup。

2)可自身制造“杀虫剂”的农作物 (例如 BT 玉米)

昆虫(包括益虫)吃了这种玉米的任何部份,就会倒毙 — 你敢吃吗?




以美国为例,88% 的玉米,94% 的黄豆,都是基因改造品种。即使我们不住在美国,基因改造成份已经入侵我们的家(大部份透过加工食品)。

除非是验证有机的,否则这些食品或材料大有可能含基因改造成份:肉类,鱼,奶制品,鸡蛋,饼干,糕点,早餐谷片,玉米,玉米油,玉米淀粉,玉米糖浆,果糖,葡萄糖,阿斯巴甜,黄豆,黄豆粉,卵磷脂,异黄酮,黄豆分离蛋白,豆腐,豆豉,豆酱,酱油,植物油,棉籽油,菜籽油(芥花籽油 Canola oil),黄原胶,发酵粉,味精,维生素 B12,维生素 E ……




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