The Free Green Purchasing Guide for Malaysians

The benefits of green buildings is not merely just about going green by saving the environment by ensuring a low carbon footprint development, but also the social and economical benefits of how such practice can provide. There are a lot of guidelines in ensuring a green building project would achieve it’s intended carbon footprint index, this is done by generating renewable energy on site, ensuring the usage of energy efficient product, conserving water and also capturing rainwater, reuse and recycle materials, and just to name a few. ¬†However, the determining factor would be the end users.

A successful green building is one where it is being understood and maintained well by the end users or occupants in the long run. We recognize that the end users is the main component to drive the performance of green building effectively. Without such exposure or education towards green building, one could not understand on the operations of the building and might deteriorate the performance of the green building should be delivering.

The good news is, If you are a greenie in your daily living, you don’t necessary need to have a green building to ensuring your low carbon footprint. There are dozens of methods to ensure your daily carbon footprint stays low, here we would like to share with you our environmental friendly appliances purchase guide.¬†This includes a comprehensive list of aspects where you can start doing something today from your home! From the lighting fixture, to the electrical appliances, to the water fittings, to the interior fitting you use, and the way you commutes each day. So start doing something today for a greener living!

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